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Top 10 Reasons to Enrol with Kids Etc.

Why Choose Us?

1. Nurturing Faculty with Excellent Training

Our dance instructors are not only well trained teachers, and experienced performers; our faculty also knows how to inspire dancers! At Kids Etc YMC in Winnipeg, our teachers create a nurturing environment in which they guide their students to achieve their own personal best.

2. Small Class Sizes

At Kids Etc YMC, we pride ourselves on our small class sizes. At any age or skill level, when dance class sizes are too large, dancers do not get the individual attention they need to properly develop skills, or enjoy their time in class. At Kids Etc, we aim for class sizes of approximately 15 dancers; this means that each dancer is well supported and given the dance instruction that they need to improve at their individual pace, skill level, and emotional level.

At Kids Etc YMC, we want our dancers to feel warm, welcomed, and cared for. Therefore, we have assistants in most of our dance classes not only to ensure that students follow the teacher’s instructions, but more importantly, to create a safe classroom atmosphere where both teachers and assistants can bond with each dancer in the class, and lead them to achieve their individual goals. Our assistants envelop our philosophies and mentor young dancers, and most of them have competed with our Kids Etc YMC dance competitive team!

3. Developmentally Appropriate Programs

Most often, when preschoolers say that they would like to take ballet dance classes, they really mean that they want to leap, twirl and gallop. Realistically, ballet classes focus more so on correct posture, placement of the body, and discipline, especially for younger dancers. Kids Etc YMC’s preschool programs provide ample opportunity for young dancers to leap, twirl and gallop! At KIDS ETC YMC all of our programs from our preschool to our adult dance programs have been carefully designed with the dancers’ motor skills, and emotional development in mind. This allows us to maintain a fun and safe learning environment!

4. Proper Dance Studio Floors

At Kids Etc YMC, we aim to ensure our dancer’s longevity in the sport and art of dance; we have a properly laid dance floor that helps to keep our dancers bodies injury free! There is a difference between a Marley dance surface built on a floating subfloor and a linoleum floor set on concrete. A floor without give can be hard on a dancer’s ankles, knees, and even hips; this is why Kids Etc’s dance floors can absorb shock, allowing for a softer feel, and keeping our dancers safe!

5. Large Viewing Windows

All our dance studios have multiple large viewing windows, allowing parents, friends, and family to comfortably watch their dancer’s development over the course of the season. It is important to us that our dance parents have the opportunity to see what is happening inside the classroom so that they can watch their child’s enjoyment and progress throughout the year!

6. Emphasis on Team Work

Dance is a team sport. Of course, our dancers perform solos in competitions, but commitment is first to the team. At Kids Etc YMC, we strive to create a positive atmosphere, where dancers can inspire their peers and work to achieve their personal and shared goals as a team. Whether those goals are mastering a difficult jump, turn, or kick, or simply learning how to skip, our faculty empowers our dancers to support, motivate, and respect one another.

7. Community

At Kids Etc YMC, we encourage our students to give back to the community in Winnipeg. At home, many of our older dancers love to volunteer their time to assist and mentor younger dancers at the studio. Outside of the dance studio, Kids Etc YMC participates in many community and charity events by giving performances, or class demonstrations. Our students take every opportunity to perform and share their passion for dance with an audience! Kids Etc YMC dancers appreciate and understand the importance of caring for each other and their various communities.

8. A Warm Family Environment

At Kids Etc YMC, we foster an environment that provides a backdrop for our dance families to create long lasting bonds. Enrolling your dancer in a class is not just about the skills that they learn – it’s about the relationships that they develop before, during and after class. Besides our massive studio spaces, generous change room areas and convenient viewing spaces, we have a spacious lounge area where dancers and families are encouraged to relax and socialize. At Kids Etc YMC, many dance families remark that our studio is their “second home” or their “home away from home”; this is exactly the atmosphere that we aim to create.

9. A Studio Director with an Open-door Policy

Every good team needs a strong leader. Kids Etc YMC’s studio director always finds time to meet with families or dancers to answer questions, discuss matters, or just to chat! After 38 years of teaching dance, it is still, and always will be, Rheesa’s goal to ensure that the all Kids Etc YMC dancers and their families find joy in dance every single day!

10. Our Studio Mantra is To be Remarkable!


1. worthy of attention; striking.
2. extraordinary, exceptional, amazing, astonishing, astounding, marvelous, wonderful, sensational, stunning, incredible, unbelievable, phenomenal, outstanding, momentous