Kids Etc Youth Movement Co.

Serious Fun

August 2, 2017

Serious Fun

‘What seems so hard now, will one day be your warm-up’  – anonymous

These words are so true – and I don’t just mean at a dance school!

This quote applies to just about anything we do in life – academics, learning the ropes of a new job, parenting a toddler, or maybe even more pertinent… parenting a teenager!

Life is full of challenges. Putting it simply, perseverance will get you through the hard stuff to attain what you truly desire. At Kids Etc Youth Movement Company, we encourage our dancers to achieve their personal best. We create a dance environment that is nurturing, yet focused and disciplined. We call it ‘Serious Fun’ and it has been a mandate of our faculty since Kids Etc Youth Movement Company’s humble beginnings 38 years ago!

There are few better feelings than overcoming an obstacle; whether it’s nailing a double pirouette, figuring out a tricky math problem, or simply getting your toddler down for a nap (or your teenager up from a nap)!

At Kids Etc, we prioritize boosting our dancer’s confidence in themselves, their abilities to reach their goals, and their enjoyment of the hard work that is required to improve their skillset. We believe that the harder a dancer works, the more fun they should have, and the better they should feel about their mind, body, and soul!

We encourage our dancers to celebrate every accomplishment, because every accomplishment regardless of size, means that a dancer has pushed themselves out of their comfort zone (which of course, is not easy). Getting through a 3 minute routine (aka a crazy high-endurance cardio workout) is not easy, getting a full split in a jete is not easy, and really, keeping your toes pointed all the time is.. not that easy! Each time a dancer’s stamina, flexibility, and toe pointing improves, regardless of how small the increments are, it should be celebrated. When our dancers, when anyone, pushes themselves out of their comfort zone, and they acknowledge it by celebrating their accomplishments, their comfort zone actually increases, and they build confidence to start the process all over, and grow even more! Pretty remarkable!

Every time that Kids Etc has moved, expanded, and/or grown, I have pushed myself out of my personal comfort zone. This particular move, expansion, and growth has created the largest amount of work, risks, and of course, fun! I am thrilled to acknowledge this accomplishment alongside my amazing dance family who have helped make this all possible! I cannot wait to start a fantastic year, and continue developing our talented, loving, remarkable dance family with all of you!