Kids Etc Youth Movement Co.

Recreational Programs

Ages 5-19

Jazz/Tap (ages 6-8): Dancers will learn both basic jazz and tap techniques. Tap technique will include steps like shuffles, stomps, and flaps. Students will dance a series of movements that are built on throughout the dance year.

Musical Theatre (ages 7 & up): Welcome to Broadway! This class incorporates dance techniques with the excitement of singing, dancing, and acting. Dancers will work on their vocal skills as well on their acting skills. To enhance their dance experience, we recommend dancers also choose a jazz or tap class along with Musical Theatre.

Hip Hop (ages 6 & up):  Starting in the South Bronx in the late 60s as “breakin,” this dance has developed through many phases.  Now with the help of music videos, it enjoys popularity throughout the world.  Hip hop is a fun and funky dance class where students learn the latest dance moves like locking, funk, krump, house and whacking. Kids can be active and jam out to their favourite music. Hip hop is energetic and inspiring!

Jazz (ages 6 & up): Jazz is an energetic and expressive approach to dance, where students learn rhythm, coordination and entertainment skills. A high energy class that focuses on essential dance skills like body coordination and flexibility. Students will learn a variety of dance combinations, jumps, and turns! The music selection will range from current pop to classic oldies!

Ballet (ages 6 & up):  Ballet is the foundation of all dance styles. All classes follow the Cecchetti Syllabus. Dancers will learn grace and music appreciation. Ballet students are educated throughout their classes about muscle strength, posture, and music appreciation. Dancers will learn the beauty and art of dance.

Tap (ages 7 & up): A nostalgic form of dance where your feet create the rhythm, these classes are an excellent combination of co-ordination and cardio development.  Tap develops strong coordination and a sense of timing and musicality. Students will enjoy a variety of music as they tap to everything from Broadway to Spain

Lyrical (ages 9 & up): Lyrical dance tells a story. Combining the best of Ballet with the raw energy of Jazz, it is one of the most expressive forms of dance. The goal is to help dancers learn to convey the emotions of a song by making them aware of their facial expressions and body movement. A Ballet class is recommended to supplement the technique in Lyrical.

Modern/Contemporary (ages 9 & up): A freer more expressive and grounded style of dance that explores movement through the use of space and levels. Modern lifts the restriction from Ballet and has its own technique within it.