Kids Etc Youth Movement Co.

2015 Competition Results

2015 Hall of Fame Las Vegas Nationals COmpetition Results

Overall High Scores

2nd Place overall Kendall & Mickey Jazz Duo*
7th Place Overall Future Hall of Fame small group – Perfect Day*
7th Place Overall Junior Small Group- Doll House*
4th Place Overall Teen Large Group- What Peace Do We Seek*

*all of these groups were invited to re-compete in the World Series of Dance

Keara & Sadie Jazz Duo Gold

Aleyna & Juliet Musical Theatre duo Diamond and 2nd Place overall high score 9-10 year old precompetitive level

Renee & Andree Jazz Duo Gold & 1st Place in Category

Overall High Scores

Fabulous feet award: Kendall S. Tap Solo
Intensity Award: Jessica G. Lyrical Solo
Intensity Award: Reanna M. Jazz Solo
Intensity Award: Claire D. Lyrical Solo
Intensity Award: Olivia C. Acro Solo
Showmanship Award: Rio
Choreography Award: What Peace Do We Seek
Creative Concept Award: Premonition
Showmanship Award: Bright Lights

Adjudicated Awards


Kendall S. Tap Platinum Award
Charlotte F Jazz High Gold Award
Jessica G. Jazz High Gold Award
Camryn P. Lyrical High Gold Award
Charlotte F. Lyrical High Gold Award
Jessica G. Lyrical High Gold Award
Bea Heuthorst Lyrical First Place High gold
Reanna M Jazz High Gold Award
Reanna M Lyrical High Gold Award
Michele B. Jazz High Gold Award
Michele B. Lyrical High Gold Award
Claire D. Lyrical High Gold Award
Savane B. Lyrical Platinum Award
Claire D. Musical Theatre First Place High Gold
Olivia C. Acro 1st Place Platinum
Danica D. Hip Hop High Gold
Madelaine V Jazz High Gold
Mickey L Jazz High Gold
Olivia C Jazz High Gold
Emily C Jazz High Gold
Emma M Jazz High Gold
Emily J Jazz PLatinum
Olivia C. Lyrical High Gold
Ali C Lyrical PLatinum
Emily C lyrical High Gold
Maya T lyrical High Gold Award
Sam L Lyrical High Gold Award
Emma M Lyrical High Gold Award
Danica D. Tap 1st place High Gold Award
Emily C. Tap High Gold Award


Kendall S & Mickey L Jazz 1st place Platinum Award
Bianca D & Reanna M Jazz 1st place High Gold Award


Freak – High Gold Award
Perfect day- 1st place Platinum Award
Doll house – Platinum Award
When the bass drops – 1st place High Gold Award
Heaven 1st place- High Gold Award
Rio -1st place High Gold award
Bright Lights- High Gold Awards