Kids Etc Youth Movement Co.

KEYMC 43rd Annual Dance Recital

June 6, 2022

Manitoba Theatre Centre

As you know this our 43rd Annual Recital.

The last two years sure haven’t been quite this glamorous!

I am so grateful that we have the opportunity to see our kids light up the big stage once again!

I am beyond excited to hear the ‘5 minutes to curtain’ backstage!

There has been so much to be grateful for over this season.

First, when we were officially back in studio. In person dancing! Never will I ever take that for granted again.

Then, being allowed to have a few more people in the building! It was so difficult seeing an empty lobby void of parents and dancers; truly without joy. Now, as I sit in my office, the last official Saturday of the season, I hear music, I hear chatter, I hear laughter and my heart is full.

At Kids Etc YMC, we foster an environment that provides a backdrop for our dance families to create long lasting bonds. Being a KEYMC dancer is not just about the skills that are learned in class; it’s about the relationships that develop before, during, and after class.

While planning for anything over the last couple of years has been a challenge, we have continued to offer excellence to our dancers. I am so thrilled to be planning our 44th season of dance, and carry on the legacy of Serious Fun!

‘Stay happy, unbothered, and loyal to your goals. You’re glowing.’

Stay Remarkable Dance Fam!

With appreciation,