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Building a dance school, building a legacy

June 27, 2017

Dance School Building

If you’ve been following our social media, you’ve seen the building go up; first the empty lot, then some steel, eventually exterior walls etc etc. Every day was like Christmas, driving by and seeing the progress, taking pics though the fence..

But nothing could really prepare me for the walk through.

It’s big

It’s really big.

I stood in one corner and looked across from studio to studio.


Did I mention that it’s big?

For the last number of weeks I have been choosing paint colours, carpeting, flooring. lighting and furniture. Standing inside I could see everything in its place.

Better yet, I could see the dancers going across the floor in the biggest studio; I could see the 80 feet of barre space in the ballet studio; I could see the preschool dancers running and jumping ; I could see our dance parents watching through the HUGE viewing windows.

This is a dream come true. It’s not just a dance school it’s Kids Etc YMC’s new home. A place filled with love and joy for dance and family. This is a legacy for my daughters and for all of the dancers who will grow up within those 4 walls..that are VERY far apart…did I mention how big it is?

Stay Remarkable!