Kids Etc Youth Movement Co.

A Note From The Director

December 2, 2020

Note From the Director

*photo pre-covid*

Hi Dance Fam…

I wanted to start by thanking you all for your ongoing love and support for Kids Etc Youth Movement Company.

As you know, we are a family owned dance studio.  Much of our faculty is homegrown; teachers who used to be my students! Our entire faculty is made up of truly remarkable, dedicated and talented individuals. I am blessed to be working with my dream team.

I know the pandemic has been hard on everyone. We are all constantly pivoting to create a sense of normal in what could be complete chaos. As dance teachers we are searching for innovative ways and new material to bring to our students.

While I know dance on zoom isn’t our favourite, I am grateful that we have the opportunity to continue to connect with our dancers and provide an alternative to ‘doing nothing’. Through dance, students learn teamwork and focus. Dance can awaken new perceptions in children which help them think in new and creative ways. By expressing themselves in dance, children are given the opportunity to make creative decisions, even at a young age!

By supporting your dancer’s journey, whether on zoom or in studio, you are guiding them to both a physical and mental healthy place. Dance builds resilience; dance on zoom teaches your dancer that, even in the face of adversity, they can adapt and learn from every obstacle.

Hang in there my friends, and before you know it we will be back in studio again.

Until then, encourage your dancer to attend every zoom class; don’t give up on them and don’t give up on us. Your KEYMC faculty needs you now more than ever.

Have a wonderful day and I look forward to seeing you all at our Virtual Holiday Party!

With much love and appreciation,



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