Summer Intensive Guest Instructor

Originally from Edmonton, Laurie’s career in dance has taken her around the world as a performer, adjudicator, award-winning choreographer, convention teacher, and instructor. She has been adjudicating events across Canada and the USA for the past 19 years.

She has trained at such renowned schools as Randolph’s and Metro Movement in Toronto, The Banff School of Fine Arts, Broadway Dance Center (N.Y. and Tokyo) and EDGE, LA. She holds her Advanced II certificate with the Royal Academy of Dance and performed professionally with Ballet North. Performances with Ballet North included a tour of Mainland China as a Principal dancer.

Laurie also worked at length as a lead singer and dancer in Japan at Tokyo Disneyland, playing such fun-loving characters as Belle, Cinderella, and Sleeping Beauty. She has also enjoyed working in the Cruise-ship industry. Industrial credits include Calvin Klein, Lancome, Tommy Hilfiger, the grand opening of Casino Niagara, and Club Firestone.

Live performances and TV credits include Berenstein Bears Christmas Show with Paramount Pictures, Legends Alive, Chiropractic Association of Alberta, and Cool FM Radio. She appeared as a guest singer on Day By Day and was co-choreographer of Dean Gunnarson’s Halloween special. Recently she had the pleasure of being choreographer and dancer in a commercial and advertisement for the Physiotherapy Association of Alberta, called “Born to Move” which can be found on youtube. A great honor was being invited to audition for Cirque du Soleil and be added to their bank of potential performers.

Laurie has taught dance in different cities and capacities for 22 years and is currently teaching at the Edmonton School of Ballet in the Vimy daytime professional program. She has recently become acrobatic arts certified. Many of Laurie’s past students are enjoying careers in dance and she couldn’t be happier to see them share their love of the arts. She truly enjoys meeting and teaching young dancers who continue to inspire her with their determination and love of dance.