Every year, Kids Etc Youth Movement Company hold their Dance Recital at the Manitoba Theater Center, located on Market Avenue. This is where you can keep up to date with all our recital information!


Our 2017 Dance Recital is Tuesday, May 30 and Wednesday, May 31 at the Manitoba Theatre Centre, 174 Market Avenue.  Dress rehearsal is Monday, May 29, also at the theatre!

Please find a link to our FINAL recital schedule For Tuesday (download) and Wednesday (download). 


Here is the link to the dress rehearsal schedule.  Rehearsal is being held Monday May 29 at the Manitoba Theatre Centre, 174 Market Avenue.  Please note that dances that have performed in competition DO NOT participate in the dress rehearsal unless noted on the schedule.

Please arrive 30 minutes prior to your session as listed, and don’t forget to allow time for traffic and parking.  You will be directed to the dressing rooms and then you may bring your dancer backstage or wait in the audience until your class is called.  Other than the for the fulltime dancers, dressing rooms are not assigned.

Dancers MUST wear their costumes.  Hair should be neatly tied back, however, stage makeup is not necessary.

Please note this is NOT in recital order.  Recital order will be posted in the upcoming weeks.


Recital begins at 7:00PM.  Parents should bring their dancers backstage between 6:30PM and 6:45PM.  Teachers, assistant teachers and volunteers will sit with the children backstage until their performance.  If you really want to stay backstage, you may.  We are a user friendly, family friendly, recital.  We want our recitals to be a positive experience for everyone.  After your dancer performs, we ask that you come backstage and pick them up to sit in the audience with you.  They will enjoy the show a lot more from the audience.


Tickets are available at our reception desk.  They are $20 per adult and $10 per child under the age of 12.  Dancers do not need tickets, older dancers  are permitted to watch the recital backstage or in the balcony with their classes if space permits.  While it is rush seating, EVERY seat at MTC provides an excellent view of the stage.  Doors to the theatre open at 6:30PM on recital nights.


We still need volunteers for our shows.  If you are volunteering, you will need to arrive between 5:30PM and 5:45PM on recital night.  If you are ushering you will be required to be there until the end of the show.  If you volunteer, you get a free recital ticket.


We do not permit private recordings of our recitals.  Plus, it is way more fun for you to watch the show and enjoy the ‘moment’ than be behind the camera.  We are selling professional quality DVD’s for $30, or $35 for blu-ray.  This is an excellent keepsake for your dancer.  They will watch not only their dance, but all of the other pieces as well.  Years from now, they will still be watching old recital DVD’s and admiring their progress along with their team members.  My girls (ages 23 and 25) STILL watch their old recitals!  Order forms are available at the front desk, or you can click here to download and print one.


Finale rehearsals begin on Sunday May 14 from 4:00PM to 5:30PM.  There is NO charge to participate, no costume, just an extra chance for your dancer to shine on stage.  Please email studio@wpgkidsetc.com to register your dancer.