Now accepting Fall 2018 Registration!

You can register in person, by phone at 204.896.5172, by email to studio@wpgkidsetc.com, or online with our ONLINE REGISTRATION PAGE.

Fall 2018 fees:

$525.00 – 60 minute class
$485.00 – 45 minute class
$420.00 – 30 minute class

Payment Methods and Options

  • Payment methods accepted are cash, cheque, VISA, Mastercard, American Express, e-transfer, and Interac. E-transfer payments are sent to studio@wpgkidsetc.com, security question is dance and security answer is keymc52.
  • Full payment option: Full payment must be received in advance of August 31, 2018.
    Discount of 5% if paid by cash, cheque, interac, or e-transfer
    Discount of 3% if paid by credit card
  • Instalment payment option:
    Four installments are due and payable as follows:
    38% on enrolment
    28% December 15th, 2018
    20% January 15th, 2019
    14% February 15th, 2019
    NOTE: Post-dated cheques or credit card information MUST accompany all registration forms. Other payment methods are not applicable for this payment option.
  • Other payment options may be considered at the Director’s discretion.

Addtional Charges

The following additional charges are applicable;

  • A $30.00 charge will apply for any cheque returned for any reason (eg NSF), or credit card declined.
  • A $20.00 charge will apply for any fees not received on date due

Refund Policy

Upon receipt of written notification to withdraw from classes, our refund policy applies as follows:

  • Prior to the commencement of classes a $25.00 registration fee is retained.
  • Once classes have commenced but prior to October 6, 2018, a four class charge per class plus a $25.00 registration fee is deducted from the
    amount of the refund.
  • On or after October 6, 2018, there are no refunds issued. Post-dated cheques or future VISA/MC instalments will not be processed

Recital and Costume

Our annual recital will be held June 4 – 7, 2019, at the Manitoba Theatre Centre. You will receive a costume invoice close to recital time. Costume
prices typically range from $50 – $90 and will be at the teacher’s discretion.


Students enrolling in more than one class receive a 5% discount on additional classes. A family discount of 5% for each additional family member will be applied upon enrollment. (excluding workshop classes).

Workshop rates:

1st workshop regular price

2nd workshop less 30%

3rd workshop less 50%

4th workshop less 75%

5th workshop less 90%

NOTE: fees DO NOT include GST. All classes run September to June unless otherwise specified. Fees are listed annually.